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BCH Food Program

Did you know that BCH provides snacks and lunches daily for our classroom community? We sure do, and we love it! As part of our Montessori philosophy we love involving children in food preparation and serving food family style to bring our already tight knit community even closer. Taking on the responsibility of helping prepare and serve the food along with setting and clearing the table, the children gain a sense of purpose, confidence, and belonging. Along with this comes the indirect purposes of developing fine motor skills when slicing grapes, cutting bananas, or stirring batter and the sequencing of the process in following a recipe or setting the table with their placemat, plate, cup and utensil in just the right spot. Not only are these skills practical but will help children build lifelong skills that will follow them throughout their school years and beyond. All meals are vegetarian, healthy and fresh.

Heading 1

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sample of a weekly menu


Enjoying lunch together.

 Scrambled eggs, ww toast, fresh mango and red bell peppers.

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