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What parents are saying about BCH:

Our 2-year old has been attending BCH for only 3 months and we have already witnessed the positive impact of the amazing program Lisa and Gyrchel have built at BCH.  Gyrchel and Lisa are warm, calm, knowledgeable, attentive, and communicative.  Our child loves and (after a one week period of separation anxiety which Lisa and Gyrchel helped support us through) he runs through the door every morning wager to immediately "get to work" in the clean, spacious, thoughtful, and well-maintained Montessori space at BCH .  Gyrchel and Lisa really take the time to foster the communication and relationship with us that gives us comfort and confidence in BCH's role in our child's learning and development. They even gave us info and tips on creating Montessori spaces at home and communicated with our child's speech language therapist to cement strategies to support his development at school.  BCH has a spacious outdoor area that the children play in daily and they also take the kids on excursions around the community (including to Prospect Park, playgrounds, and the Botanic Garden), which our child adores.  BCH is an excellent child-centered program and we are so glad we chose this truly special place for our child's first learning experience.

- Nikki M.

We *love* Brooklyn Children's House and cannot recommend it highly enough. The environment is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and the teachers are kind and intelligent. It is a truly special place, and an ideal first school experience. Our son began attending BCH shortly after his second birthday. The teachers guided him--and us--through a transition that involved a good amount of separation anxiety, and he has been thriving under their care--becoming more independent, responsible for his own body and choices, and able to navigate the world around him. I am impressed every day by the amount of individual attention that the teachers show the students, as well as the openness and frequency of communication between the school and the parents. We appreciate their dedication to the Montessori philosophy and we have learned a great deal about parenting from observing how they interact with the children, as well as communicating with them about our own child's development. Every family should have an experience like BCH!

-Christine S.

Our 2 year old son took to BCH immediately -- eager to leave for school in the morning, bubbling over with stories and observations when we pick him up in the evening.  He never cries coming or going, which he was/is prone to doing at other schools.  He has flourished here and it warms our hearts to see him so engaged in the learning and exploring process. Our son is part-time at BCH while enrolled at another school.  But when we ask him how his day was, he almost always talks about his adventures at BCH (sometimes from the day before).  We have never seen him fall in love with a school like this. Lisa is an organized and compassionate teacher.  She bonds with her students, learns their quirks, and tailors her instruction to each child.  The classrooms are mellow, clean and relaxed, with soft natural light and a variety of thoughtfully curated materials for the students to interact with.  If there is a plastic toy anywhere inside BCH, I haven't seen it.  Every day we are treated to a new helping of adorable photos as Lisa documents the students' discoveries.   We could not give a higher recommendation!
-Malcolm S.

We had an absolutely phenomenal experience at Brooklyn Childrens House. Lisa is simply incredible with children and our toddler flourished in her care. The attention to detail and training with the highest level of montessori achieved is unparalleled. You will not regret choosing this establishment for your child's daily care. I cannot recommend Lisa and her staff enough and miss her terribly after we moved away from NY. 10 stars for BCH!

-Amy P

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