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Our Educators

Lisa Bruno
she / her
co-director and educator 

Lisa is a Brooklyn native with over 15 years of experience working with children. Her rich background includes teaching positions at several well-known schools in Brooklyn. She received her AMI Montessori training from Montessori Northwest in Portland, OR and her Master of Education degree from Loyola University. Lisa is also a certified Positive Discipline Educator through the Positive Discipline Association.

Lisa is passionate about guiding young children through the world with respect and dignity. She admonishes the terms "terrible twos" and "three-nager" and deeply believes that young children are magical beings doing the extremely hard work of transforming themselves into the world. They are due the respect and reverence that they deserve.

Prior to working in Early Childhood Education, Lisa received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art from Hunter College and spent several years living and working at The John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina where she learned to knit, quilt, play guitar and contra dance. 


When not working with children, Lisa can be found riding her bike, crafting, playing guitar or on long walks with her dog, a rescue named Hamilton.

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Gyrchel Moore
she / her
co-director and educator 

Proudly hailing from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Gyrchel Moore wears many hats. She is a Mama, early childhood educator, birth worker and ever-evolving mover. Gyrchel prides herself in embracing self reinvention and the ability to learn from anyone. She particularly values the lessons she learns from children. Her 7.5 year old son Menes, is one of her greatest teachers.


Gyrchel is constantly relearning and rethinking what it means to be an “expert” and who get to be called such. After working and growing with children for over 15 years she believes that there are always more questions to ask. There is always more to observe, more lessons to learn, practices to embrace and breaths to take. 

Keeping these tenets close, Gyrchel is continuing her studies and acquiring her Masters Degree in Psychology. She is thrilled to be co-directing alongside her dear friend Lisa Bruno to propel Brooklyn Children’s House. 

All of the educators at Brooklyn Children's House are dedicated to providing a
Montessori education based through an Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist lens.
We are highly qualified, undergo extensive background checks, are trained in positive discipline, are CPR certified for children and infants, and particiapte in a minimum of 15 hours of professional development annually. In accordance with state mandate all educators and employees at Brooklyn Children House are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


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