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What is the class size? 
Per our license, we can have up to 12 with 2 adults
What is the student to teacher ratio?
 On average, our daily ratio is 1:6. 

What are you doing to reduce Covid transmission
Only healthy children and adults will be allowed into the school. Children with any symptoms will be excluded from the program and only readmitted after 24 hours with a negative covid test and no symptoms or after 5 days with no symptoms . As always, children will wash hands upon entering the school building and be encouraged to keep hands clean throughout the day. Tables and materials will be sanitized daily and as needed during the school day. BCH has an air filtration system running daily. Being a small program of only 12 children and 2 teachers our risk of exposure is small.  More information regarding our sickness and exclusion policy is detailed in our student handbook. 

Are masks required?
Per guidance from our licensor, The Office of Children and Services (OCFS), masks encouraged but not required for children over 2 years old. Please see the latest communication from OCFS regarding masks here

Are teachers vaccinated?
Yes, all staff at Brooklyn Children's House are vaccinated against covid 19. ,

Do you go on field trips?
Yes!  We have taken field trips to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  We invite parents to volunteer as chaperones for field trips. 

Is potty training required?
Potty training is not required, however we will begin the process of independent self care when you child enters BCH, encouraging them to visit the bathroom, pull down their pants, etc. and be involved as possible in the diapering process. While building on skills and routines we will observe and document the child's progress and communicate when we feel the child is ready to transition to underwear.  We will work closely with families to help guide them and their child through the toilet learning process. 

How do you handle discipline?
All educators at Brooklyn Children's House are trained in positive discipline.  Click here for information about positive discipline.

How do families find out about their child's day?
We use the app called Brightwheel for daily communication.  On the Brightwheel app you will be updated daily about your child's daily activities including photos, toilet use, nap, meals, and messages regarding any significant events.  At least one family member is required to be signed up with Brightwheel.

What about food?
BCH provides a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Snack usually consists of a fruit or vegetable and a grain or protein.  For example: pretzels and bell peppers, apples and cheese, bananas and cereal. Lunch usually consists of a protein, a whole grain, a fruit, and a vegetable.  All meals are vegetarian.  Lunch is served with 1% organic milk. See a sample lunch menu here. 

A school in a house?  Who lives there?
Lisa rents the building and lives on the 1st floor (garden level) with her dog, Whistle Pig.  Whistle Pig is in a separate private area of the home that the children do not have access to, sometimes she barks but otherwise, you'd never know she's there!  The classroom is located on the second floor (parlor level) though the 1st-floor  entrance is used by the school as it is private.  We do walk through the first floor to access the backyard and ask that you respect Lisa's space and personal belongings.  There is an additional rental unit on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building, our neighbors have no contact with or access to the children. 

How can we find out more about Montessori education?
You can start by visiting  the Association Montessori International (AMI) website, "Why AMI Montessori?"

Didn't see your question?  Visit our "contact" page to post your question.  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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