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​"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."  Maria Montessori

The Children's House,  


Montessori education is based on scientific observation of child development with a goal for every child to become an independent being of their own time and place, uniquely individual and ready to walk their own path with confidence. The Montessori curriculum and materials all have a specific purpose in aiding the child's development. Every day, the children participate in a "work cycle." During the work cycle, the children are free to interact with the Montessori materials of their choosing from the different areas of the classroom that include, art, music, language, math, sensorial and practical life.

Walking into a Montessori classroom, you will find children working on all different kinds of materials. Children are taught in individual and small group lessons. We teach to the child, not to the group, as we recognize that each child is learning at a different level, has different interests and their own unique personality. Each child has their own individual lesson plan developed by their teacher to meet their individual needs. In this way we are also able to combine ages. The mixed age group offers an opportunity for children to learn from each other, develop empathy and practice the third level of mastery: being able to teach something to someone else.

We invite the children to participate in group activities that involve music and singing, games, stories, books, outdoor education and cultural experiences. Everything in the environment is chosen with care, is child-sized, beautiful and serves a developmental purpose. The children are encouraged to use the environment to their full advantage. When they are hungry, they help themselves to food. When they are thirsty, they fetch themselves a glass of water. When something spills, they clean it up. All the tools and materials they need are readily accessible to them without adult intervention, fostering independence and self-advocacy.


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